May 03

Doxing A Drug Dealer Part One

I first knew of Angel about 7 months ago when I changed my phone number. I was on the city bus heading to work when I received a call from an apparently concerned parent.

”How old are you!?” He demanded without so much as an introduction.

”25”, I said calmly.

”Then what the hell are you doing with my teenage daughter!?”

”Hang on, sir. Who are you looking for?”

”Aren’t you Angel?”

”No. You have the wrong number, but can I help you with anything else?”

”Well your number is in my
daughter’s phone as Angel.”

”Sorry, but  that’s not me.”

We hung up, and I thought that was the end of it. Over the next few months, however, I would get random calls and texts asking for location, drugs, and money. I even got a happy new years text from one of the clients.

I had a feeling this wasn’t over.

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