May 04

Doxing a Drug Dealer Part Two

…continued from this intro…

So, as time passed, I gathered what information I could from incoming calls and requests. It was usually hit or miss, but I kept noting everything in my mind.

Thus far, I gathered that the clients were all coming from a 775 area code, which is Reno, NV… Or really anything north of Clark County. At this point, I was kind of at a stalemate until two mornings ago…

I woke up to a text message from another 775 asking if I was going to go to school today. I decided to play along. It went something like this…

775: going to school today?
Me: Yeah. I have class at 5:30. (first indication I’m not Angel)
775: What? Wanna go to Vegas?
Me: (lol) way ahead of you dude. I’m already here.
775: why didn’t you wait for me? I’ll be there in 30 minutes.
Me: okay, but I’ll be working on my homework. (second indication)
775: I’ll text you when I get to M Resort.
Me: You’re looking for Angel, aren’t you?
775: Yeah isn’t that you? You’re acting weird.
Me: oh it’s me (didn’t lie). What is my last name?
775: Maldinano.
Me: How old am I?
775: 17
Me: Thank you.
775: If this isn’t Angel, then who is this?
Me: oh, it’s me. I’m just making sure you know. And what’s your name?
775: Calvin
Me: last name?
775: Barnett. How are you going to doubt me man? I taught you fighting techniques last night remember?
Me: (trust me. Unless I’ve called you Master in they last year, you haven’t taught me anything) yeah man.

Twenty minutes later…

775: I’m at Luxor instead. Where are you?
Me: I’m at home working on my homework, but I have a lovely view of the strip :-)
775: WTF?
Me: where did you come from?
775: Pahrump.

At this point I send Mr. Barnett 50 SMS messages from angel@gmail.com saying ” this is not angel”.

Me: did you get my texts?
775: wtf man? You think this gives you the right to harass me?
Me: it’s not a question of rights. Thank you though. Do you know how annoying it is to get texts from concerned parents worrying about their daughters when you’re not the person they are after?
775: fuck you man.

Ten minutes later I get a call from a new 702 number. It was a deep manly voice, but I could tell it was behind a voice changer.

702: Who the fuck is this?
Me: Is this Angel?
702: Yeah.
Me: Thank you.

Now I had his first and last name, age, new number, and his relative area of residence. Stay tuned as I use this information to solicit a formal apology to myself and the concerned parent!

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