Nov 29

Social Engineering Exercises


Social Engineering is a fundamental hacking skill of which tools can only take you so far. You need environments, practice, and real world experience. The following exercises are designed to hone your SE skills without putting anyone directky at risk. Just remember that innocuous information isn’t always as such, so use these drills for educational purposes only.

Level 1

1. Get an unlisted telepbone number.

2. Get someone’s mother’s birthdate.

3. Get the last 4 digits of someone’s SSN.

4. According to Las Vegas Metro Police circa 2004, a person’s first and last name, birthdate, mother’s maiden name, and social security number is needed to steal an identity. Get these pieces of info, education only!

5. Find out someone’s salary.

Level 2

Set up a way so the mark calls you back with the above information.

Level 3

Set up a way for you to collect this information by proxy, ie having someone else get this information from the mark and relay it to you. Your cool points increase if you can do this WITHOUT your proxy knowing they are a proxy.

I will post my own solutions to these challenges throughout the week and I’ll have a list of new exercises a we progress through this series.

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