45 minutes. That is all it took for me to get through Human registration at DEF CON

Now, this being a new venue for the con, I was skeptical about the efficiency of flow control, but I am pleasantly surprised. While we did get a chance to meet new people, it was almost as if there wasn’t enough time to build a lasting rapport. Line Con con? Perhaps, but here are some pros.

First, the line was a steady flow with brief stops every so often. 

Second, the goons were pleasant (they are every year in my experience). Towards the registration podiums there was one goon with a war cry for fire regulations and standing back behind the stantions, but that was somewhat expected and surprisingly, it was only heard once. 

Now the cons of Line Con…. Inhuman registration didn’t open until 9 AM. I am by no means complaining. I’ll keep my impatience in check ;-). The bigger con was that, being a new venue, the goons were not 100% sure on procedures right away. I was sent in three different directions by a handful of different goons. However, at 9 AM, things became clear and there was absolutely no hassle. 

A friend of mine hasn’t been to DEF CON since DC 12 at the Alexis Park, and I’m glad that his return experience has so far been hassle free.

This has been MasterChen reporting for @GreyNoiseMedia. Stay tuned!!

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