About Us

Our Mission

Chenb0x Development, LLC is a Disabled Veteran owned consulting firm that is motivated to inform the People at large on issues related to Information Security. It is our sincere belief that the path to a more secure and stable internet is education above all other technical solutions. Moving forward in times like these, our goal is to be a reputable source for security information where all clients and casual visitors may benefit from our firm's motivation.


What is a Chenb0x?

A long time ago, the co-founder of the company, Nick Rosario, would draw stick figure comics and he named the main character "Chen". Since Nick was the author of the comic, he took on the alias "MasterChen" and the name stuck with him throughout all of his encounters in the hacker community.

"Chenb0x" started off as a server owned and managed by MasterChen which provided basic network services such as Linux shell accounts, voicemail, and Asterisk telephony. Since its conception, "chenb0x" now refers to general services and solutions that derive its origin from the first server.


Chenb0x Development

Now, a new calling arises that stems from our mission. We understand that education, specifically education in information security, is and always will be an on-going process. We do not believe that security is a "magic bullet", but rather a process that needs to be revisited and developed over time as new threats and vulnerabilities arise. Chenb0x Development, LLC will never claim to know all of the answers, but we have the resources to investigate, research, and stay informed on the latest threats that face the Internet at large.

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