Education is THE Security Patch

Here at Chenb0x Development, we truly believe that education is THE security patch. Here is our reasoning behind that statement.  It has been said and widely agreed upon in the security community that humans remain the weakest link in any security infrastructure. Social engineering, and specifically phishing attacks, are major tools in the attackers’ arsenal.  While there are […]

The Hacker Perspective

​This article first appeared in 2600: The Hacker Quarterly in the Autumn 2017 edition. Everyone has an origin story. Every hacker has an origin story. Mine started simply enough. My first computer was a Tandy from Radio Shack, running a now crude looking Windows 3.1 “Operating Environment”. Windows wasn’t an Operating System at the time. […]

The Age of Full Disclosure

At this point, we have seen several cases where a person in authority is caught with their pants down (either figuratively or literally), and need to explain themselves at best, or back peddle at worst. I am not referring to any particular case, although there are several to choose from. In 2012, Mitt Romney was recorded […]