Here at Chenb0x Development, we truly believe that education is THE security patch. Here is our reasoning behind that statement. 

It has been said and widely agreed upon in the security community that humans remain the weakest link in any security infrastructure. Social engineering, and specifically phishing attacks, are major tools in the attackers’ arsenal.  While there are software solutions that attempt to mitigate these vectors, the number of cases are on the rise. This can be attributed to the human condition. Humans are naturally trusting, unassuming, and in some instances, oblivious.

Can the human condition be scripted or patched? We do not think so –at least not completely. While there is a human element, there will be vulnerabilities to find. However, we do feel that the negative effects of the human role in technology can be curbed. This, again, can be addressed through education. This is a big part of why we exist as an organization. 

“THE” in our tagline is in all caps. Of course, that is no accident. Is education the one and only security patch? At the most fundamental level, yes! Software solutions, seminars, podcasts, policies, conferences, books, articles, and hardware innovations all stem from the education angle. Whether we are referring to the education of the software developer, the inventor, the security researcher, or the end user is a moot point. It is all encompassing. 

We feel that quality education goes a long way, and we are here to provide that quality.

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