Dec 31

MasterChen’s 2014 Year in Review


Wow this is very late, but it needs to be done before I’m completely out of my mind with New Year’s celebration. The Amazing 28th Birthday Race I don’t care how old I get. There is nothing wrong with friendly competition, and this year’s birthday was a good blend of being a kid at heart …

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Aug 13

Introducing The Chenb0t

I have been wanting to make an automated twitter bot for quite a while now, but for some reason the authentication protocols gave me a ridiculously hard time. Yes…RTFM at every point… Anyway, without any further Mountain Dew, I present the Chenb0t. Tada! So, what is it? How does it work? What does it do …

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Jun 03

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Review

Multi- tasking. True multi- tasking. That is the best way I can describe my new Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

May 06

Sales and Social Engineering: Illusion of Choice

I have used this technique on several occasions, and it has been used on me in kind. When this technique is used on me, I loathe the sales associate, but the social engineer in me has to give some respect.

Mar 21

Information Gathering Step-By-Step


I am often asked by friends and co-workers “How did you do that?” when I produce information that is seemingly impossible to find. I usually reply with, “I’m a ninja”, or “I’m very good at what I do”. This response is usually good enough and we go about our day.

Mar 18

5 Timesavers in an Information Overloaded World

These following methods are ways that have helped me stay productive, save time, and remain focused in a world where information is the main distraction. 5. Social Streamline I realized that I was spending tremendous amounts of time scrolling through the news feeds of my various social networks. Sadly, after Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit browsing, …

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Mar 05

Social Engineering Illustrated: Cutting At The Edges

When observing an object or concept, it goes through “filters” (both physical and conceptual). These “filters” can be manipulated and controlled for a way into the mark’s mind.

Dec 31

MasterChen’s 2013 in Review


2013 was definitely a year of growing up. Challenges, hard lessons, small victories, and new friends along the journey made 2013 a clusterf*** of quickness. So, I’ve organized this review in a timeline format. Enjoy.

Dec 18

MasterChen’s Christmas Wishlist 2013


This year’s Christmas wishlist is being released super late; so much so that I thought about not having one this year. Then, I realized that my wishlist also documents the tending tech of the year.

Nov 26

Social Engineering: Accents For Pretext

There may come a time in your social engineering career when your pretexting warrants an accent other than your natural speech. However, if you’re going to use one, do it right. The following points have helped me, and I hope you find the same value.

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